Boolean Logic EP

Binaryh bounces back to Steyoyoke Black with two original productions under the ‘Boolean Logic’. This EP is a mirror image of the necessity to find right and wrong without considering the paths which brought us to our conclusions.

‘Algorithm’ sets the tone for the EP with a tantalizing, haunting melody. The algorithm behind ‘Algorithm’ can be deduced through noting the simplistic, yet powerful, manner of arrangement, coupled with the art of storytelling brought forth by Binaryh.

‘Parallels’ can be heard as a reflection of our environment’s innate reasoning behind similar behavioural patterns with opposing views. Parallels, contrastingly so, find ways to operate with respect to reacting to the other. The contrast of the deep bass lines with the sharp, piercing synthetic sounds showcase a human’s unfathomable desire to be different, yet accepted.

Binaryh has conveyed his artistic talents through two all-encompassing tracks to create this ‘Boolean Logic’ EP, telling an important story of history, logic, maths, and philosophy along the way.